THU 21 NOV - 8PM

Collectif Mental and Madame Moustache Proudly Present

Vanishing Twin – FIRE RECORDS (uk – London)

Vanishing Twin is songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Cathy Lucas, drummer Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga, Raime..), bassist Susumu Mukai, synth/guitar player Phil MFU and visual artist/film maker Elliott Arndt on flute and percussion; and on their new album ‘The Age Of Immunology’ they have made their first artistic statement for the ages.

Vanishing Twin formed in 2015 and their name refers to the foetal resorption of Lucas’ twin during pregnancy. This concept – alongside the idea of religious, philosophical and political pluralism – informed their first LP, Choose Your Own Adventure, which came out on Soundway in 2016; followed by the darker, more abstract, mostly instrumental Dream By Numbers EP in 2017.

Their new LP ‘The Age of Immunology’ will be out June 7th 2019 on Fire Records.

“Ghosts of Broadcast, Can and Jean-Claude Vannier haunt the terrific second album by this multinational quintet” Uncut

“Sunshine pop vibes that fall somewhere between The Free Design and Stereolab” Brooklyn Vegan (song of the day)

LoKa and The Moonshiners (Brussels)

Né du désir d’explorer des territoires où se rencontrent rock garage, mutuashi congolais, musique répétitive et aussi une certaine mélancolie pop, LoKa and The Moonshiners cultive ses riffs hypnotiques dans cette vibration « voodoo » dont la flamme musicale a toujours été entretenue depuis The Seeds jusqu’à The Night Beats. En concert, LoKa and The Moonshiners offre un show à la fois rock’n’roll et envoûtant. Le groupe s’est notamment déjà produit sur les scènes du Rockerill, du Botanique ou du festival Cabaret Vert. Après un single sorti sur la compilation The Psychedelic Underground Generation, un EP est en cours de mixage.

LoKa and the Moonshiners est finaliste Concours-circuit 2018.

10€ – 20H00 // 22:00