FRI 03 DEC - 10PM

SAT 03/12/21 – 22H00 | 8€<midnight<10€
MARVY in “Vice City”
Marvy is a versatile DJ and Parisian producer, well-versed in everything from electronic music (House, Bass, Tech) to urban music (Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk) …
He has been part of five years of unforgettable parties with his residencies in Paris at the renown Social Club and Nouveau Casino with the Booty Call Crew but equally at Rex Club, Batofar, Djoon, Point Ephemere, inviting many quality international artists to the Parisian stage.
At the door : show your own Covid Safe Ticket via App
Inside : No distancing. No mask required.
Dancefloor open. 🔥
No requirement to neither wear a mask or social distance.
These events are called “Covid Safe Tickets”events.
It’s an event where you don’t need to wear a mask or respect social distancing once inside if one of the following applies to you :
• are fully vaccinated (+ 2 weeks), or
• have recovered from covid (-6 months ), or
• did a Recent PCR test (-48h) and the result is negative, or
• did a Recent negative Anti-Gen Test (-24h) (at the Pharmacy for example)
Fulfil one of these criteria at the entrance by showing the both result via the App with your i.d. card. and you are welcome and happy to dance like before.
To install App, use It’s Me App or your id card and reader.