SAT 11 NOV - 8PM

Madame Moustache and moli del tro present:
◥ KOUDLAM ◣ (apocalyptic pop music, Paris)
Koudlam was born in 1979 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He spent his teenage years between Africa, North Dakota, Mexico City and the French Alps. As a child, he liked to wander around the bush and imagine himself as a brave adventurer. His heroes were Charles Baudelaire and Jim Morrison.
Through middle school, he’d sing in rock bands that would exist for a week, until, aged 16, he was initiated to electronic music by pioneers of the rave scene. Soon, he was playing for weekends chemical audiences. Surrounded by samplers and drum machines, he wrote dozens of tunes recorded on a four-track tape. They are now all lost.
“Precipice Fantasy”, once again an abnormal work. The album is split in two wildly different parts which will be released separately. The first part is made up of 12 nuggets, each one a flamboyant mutation. The second part is instrumental contemplative music, evoking feel-bad yoga and trance from the Kathmandu slums.
Inspired by hallucinated tales of pioneers or mountain conquistadores, the artist gives us the soundtrack to summits and to precipices. Or rather, to the road in between them; winding, dizzy, forever on the blade’s edge
◥ SOPHIE DU PALAIS ◣ (hedonist industrial wave music, Amsterdam)
One of the bright talent emerging from the current Netherlands‘ electronic underground scene is the German and Amsterdam-based, ‘fetish-inclined’, vocalist and performer Sophie du Palais ((Pinkman, Dekmantel Recordings)) also known as “Vrouwe Fataal”. She presents debut solo LP ‘Endurance of Pain is the Power of Being’
Sinister industrial wave music exploring themes of lust, hedonism, technological obsession & millennial alienation
She unravels a potent signature, driven by fierce, imperious Anglo-Germanic vocals and eclectic, dissonant sounds. Connecting techno, EBM, acid and electro with vestiges of dub and experimental electronics, on ‘Endurance of Pain…’ Du Palais conjures an abrasive, intoxicating depiction of lust, hedonism, technological obsession and millennial alienation.
◥ PRINCE HARVEY ◣ (queer rap, new-york)
Prince Harvey is a NYC based artist, musician, and producer most famously known for recording his first album in an Apple Store. Harvey spent most of his childhood on the tiny island of Dominica where he started writing songs at the age of 8, influenced by late 90s rappers. At 14, his family moved to New York and since then he has been composing and producing alternative hip-hop music, praised by both mainstream and underground audiences.
Harvey has performed nationally and internationally in venues such as 3Hd Festival (Berlin), Silencio (Paris), Via Festival (Pittsburgh), SXSW (Austin), Influencers Fest (Barcelona). He finished two major funded artist and music residency programs at Harvest Works (2018), Denniston Hill (2019) and was the recipient of Open Call program at The Shed (2018-2019) where he was commissioned to do an album and performance in relationship to anti-queer rhetoric in Caribbean popular culture, childhood trauma, and intergenerational volience.
◥ OONAGH HAINES ◣ (sub-bass romance, dunkerque)
Oonagh likes to pretend to blur the lines: you don’t really know whether it’s incredible confidence or cute shyness, it plays with genre, it plays with emotions, it’s images or it’s sound? it’s a story or it’s a party? we’re watching the film or it’s us? Are we dancing or thinking? In reality it’s a lot less complicated than that, it’s all just said, there, simply.