MON 21 MAR - 8PM

MON 21/03/21 – 20H00 | 12€
Madame Moustache Brussels presents:
KING KHAN Unlimited + Purrse

20H00: doors
21H00: Purrse 
22H00: KING KHAN Unlimited
23H00: Dj set
*new PA/sound system* by NEXO
– KING KHAN Unlimited
Canada’s wildest monarch King Khan has launched his new punk band, King Khan Unlimited, and they are set to release their brand new album, Opiate Them Asses, on January 29.
Featuring his majesty’s dream line up of Bordeaux’s finest rock‘n’roll lifers, The Magnetix and Fredovitch (from King Khan & The Shrines), King Khan Unlimited’s new slab of punk rock is chock full of stinging social critique delivered with wit and a wry smile. Their first single “Pigment of Your Imagination” tackles the complicated topic of pigment as related to the tidal wave of racism all over the world. “Pigment of Your Imagination” also features Eamon Sandwith from The
Chats professing his love for, uh, Shea Butter amongst other things…
A few words from His Majesty: “Here comes King Khan’s first offering off of the new King Khan Unlimited Opiate Them Asses LP! ‘Pigment of Your Imagination’ is a song about the fragile world we live in and how something as common as the pigment of our skin has separated the world and fuelled the ignorant agendas of the old boys network that has its hands on the throat of justice, peace and liberty for all creatures on this planet. It’s pure rock n’ roll with a twist of consciousness and a very special appearance from Eamon from The Chats admitting his profound love for body oils and soft jazz…”
– Purrse
Purrses is roaming Bruxelles indie scene mixing 60’s groove and 70’s songwriting blending all weird sound up in same time, synthetic vibe.
Laura writing lyrics and composing this warm music is playing alongside with Lucas Roger and Simon François (Gut Model), Max Poelmann (Magic Max, Warm Exit).
You don’t need anymore a Covid Safe Ticket to enter Madame Moustache.