TUE 11 JUN - 8PM

MAR/DIN/TUE 11/06/2019 – 20H00 | 12 €

Madame Moustache brussels present :
Flamin’ Groovies (USA- RockBeat Records)
BIKES (DEU-Bachelor, Goodbye Boozie, Alien Snatch Records)
Only show in Belgium ! / seule date en Belgique !

20H00: doors
21H00: BIKES
22H00: Flamin’ Groovies
23H00: Dj set
*new PA/sound system* by NEXO
The Flamin’ Groovies

No long introduction is needed for one of the most underrated & genius American Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands: THE FLAMIN’ GROOVIES.

After the recents (and very few) special appearance on the same stage, original singer ROY LONEY will permanently join again CYRIL JORDAN on stage for a killer set that will focus on the band early period material!

If you are aware of this band legacy, then you now enough to understand how rare this chance to see them on the same stage will be!

Les précurseurs du punk.

Les Flamin’ Groovies, plus garage que la majeure partie des formations alors en vogue sur la baie de San Francisco au milieu des 60’s.

Genre: power pop, proto-punk, rock garage.



A Berlin, t’as KING KHAN & BBQ et puis t’as BIKES.

The Berlin street zoo of garage birds has two main attractions being worth your nuts: It´s the two funky peacocks (you may heard of) named KING KHAN & BBQ (on loan from the Montreal Zoo a decade ago) and four leather parrots named the BIKES, on lifetime loan of the employment office.

We’re more than honoured to welcome Bikes, equally influenced by both kinds: Rock AND Roll, guaranteed to move your bones! Songs about bars, being locked up behind bars, motorcycles – things you can relate to! Steady, no-bullshit caveman drumming! Vicious bass! Thuggish guitars with some wild monstro/mongo Chuck Berry riffs thrown in! That’s right! No wimpy shit here!
The return of pub-rock? Maybe? I hear they drink beer for breakfast!