FRI 17 JUN - 10PM

FRI 17/06/2022 – 22H00 | 10€<midnight<12€
“The Featheration” is a new party concept brought to you by Brussels Based Independant Record Label : Pelican Fly.
“Everybody Is Somebody” is its first installment and brings together DJ’s/Music Producers from 3 differents countries:
Official Dj for Lil Yachty, Music producer, currently working on EP’s and an Album on Pelican Fly Records and Running Every Body Is Somebody Parties in the US
– JESZA (FR) :
Music Producer/ Beatmaker (Annie Adaa, Fang The Great, and more), DJ, he released a handful of EP’s on Pelican Fly Records
Music Producer/ Beatmaker and DJ, Released EPs on French Independent record label Clear Waters
No Need to present DDVRKK to Moustache’s Audience, G-Funk fiend part of the legendary Luv Gang
VersatileVSL founder, Music Lover and DJ, Ndungu is just one of the best human being on this earth (
RICHELLE : Pelican Fly Records Co-Founder, Music Producer, and overall old head
This beautiful lineup shares a common vision of “genre bending” musical approach expressed by Pelican Fly’s opened cage logo)
The goal is to show that musical genres are just names and that all that matters are just emotions.
You can expect almost anything in a 70 to 180 bpm range, with a lot of affection for Black Originated Dance Niche Music and for Strip Club Rap Bangers (you do the math).
Amount of bass might be the only relevant common denominator.
Much Love to our sponsors for their support! Go check them, they’re all amazing in their own ways (Local Clothing and Sneaker Store in Ixelles)
(Belgian Gin Distilled in London, and supporting Silverback Gorillas protection in the Virunga Park (Real Estate Agency, knowing its job more than well)
You don’t need anymore a Covid Safe Ticket to enter Madame Moustache.