FRI 26 NOV - 10PM

FRI 26/11/21 – 22H00 | 10€<midnight<12€
Mme Moustache proudly presents “MARTIN VACHIERY & Friends”
For the very first time @ Madame Moustache, the DJ and head of the musical media Check, Martin Vachiery, invites belgian and french artists for an exclusive night with Rap, Afro and R&B vibe !
Program: Live, DJ sets, performances, surprises and the best of Rap, Afro & R&B music from 1990 to 2022.
-SLIMKA (Live) Slimka is an incredible Swiss rapper, known for his legendary energy, flow and live performances. Representative of the SuperWak Clique and the XTRM Boyz, he comes straight from Geneva for a fiery showcase.
-LOVENI (DJ Set/Live)
Rapper, producer and DJ; Loveni is part of the legendary Parisian underground collective Bon Gamin. New Brussels resident, he comes to bring his American energy to the party.
Photographer, stylist and now DJ, Instananas (aka Anaïs Bocciarelli) is a true music lover. She has only one mission: to make you dance. Btw, don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday during the evening !
Boss of the rap media Check, Martin Vachiery assures with passion and energy the role of DJ / Entertainer. He gives venues and festivals a lot of love with Afro and Rap tones.
At the door : show your own Covid Safe Ticket via App
Inside : No distancing. No mask required.
Dancefloor open. 🔥
No requirement to neither wear a mask or social distance.
These events are called “Covid Safe Tickets”events.
It’s an event where you don’t need to wear a mask or respect social distancing once inside if one of the following applies to you :
• are fully vaccinated (+ 2 weeks), or
• have recovered from covid (-6 months ), or
• did a Recent PCR test (-48h) and the result is negative, or
• did a Recent negative Anti-Gen Test (-24h) (at the Pharmacy for example)
Fulfil one of these criteria at the entrance by showing the both result via the App with your i.d. card. and you are welcome and happy to dance like before.
To install App, use It’s Me App or your id card and reader.