FRI 31 JAN - 10PM

Infinite definition™ with Pasteurs Charles ♾

Infinite definition™ ♾
📡 Maximum Transmission📡
📠 Super fast Connection 📠

Friday, Januarty 31th 2020

📡 Rave 📡
📠Trance 📠
💿 House 💿

💿 Pasteur Charles (FR) 💿
Qui Embrouille Qui / Le Turc Mecanique

Pasteur Charles
Born in the bustle of Parisian punk, educated by the queer scene and asserted in contact with the worst techno hooligans in France, Pasteur Charles defends a great idea of ​​danger and excesses by a house of Gospel music, New York oozing, 90’s eccentricities and local modernities. The villain has only one idea in mind: to steal beers and explode the body by communicative and intense performances.

📡 Azo 📡
We Play Acid / The-Zone Records / BENEDICTION – Rituels Exceptionnels

The craziest girl in the block is throwing the best and more tasteful parties in Brussels, such as the “ Dance Resurrection Inc. ”, “ BENEDICTION – Rituels Exceptionnels ”, “ Electronic Solidarity ” and the “ PINK NIGHT : Closing party of Genres d’à Côté / Pink Screens Film Festival ” is also a Kiosk Radio and MISSFITTE resident. She released several EP on different labels like The-zone Records and We Play Acid.

Her unlimited “power of love” brings the partygoers into an incredible trip through the music. Producer, keyboardist, DJ, and sound engineer, this multi-talented artist has performed in the best international venues like : Dour Festival, CONCRETE, Wanderlust Paris, C12, Couleur Café – official, Listen Festival, Petit Bain , Les Nuit blanches (Paris)… as different names : Dance Resurrection Crew, Dj LovePills and the Cosmic Queen, The Mafia Sauce Killers…

💰 8€<Midnight<10€ 💰
💿 Madame Moustache brussels💿
5-7 quai au bois à brûler, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

All genders welcome
Respect our safer space policy

Artwork by :
📠 PGBaur 📠