FRI 25 SEP - 7PM

FRI 25/09/20 – 19H00 – 01H00 | FREE

Limited capacity, come early

Until everyone can redance as before, the only solution we have found is to replace your tables with podiums so that you can dance on them as a group.

If you want to reserve your bubble (only for 4 people groups or more) → send us a mail with the date, time & number of guests at ” ” (confirmation required)

Respect safety measures, wear your mask if you leave your table and Keep 1,5m distance from other visitors.

While waiting for our kitchen to open, we give you the opportunity to order and eat at your convenience at Ubereat, Deliveroo,


BUY 1, GET 1 FREE Fiero Spritz & Fiero Tonic

Capacité limitée, venez tôt

En attendant que tout le monde puisse redanser comme avant, la seule solution que nous avons trouvé est de remplacer vos tables par des podiums pour que vous puissiez danser dessus en groupe.

Si vous souhaitez réserver votre bulle (uniquement pour des groupes de 4 personnes ou plus) → envoyez-nous un mail avec la date, l’heure et le nombre d’invités à “” (confirmation requise)

Respectez les mesures de sécurité, portez votre masque si vous quittez votre table et gardez une distance de 1,5 m des autres visiteurs.

En attendant l’ouverture de notre cuisine, nous vous donnons la possibilité de commander et manger à votre convenance chez Ubereat, Deliveroo,


1 Acheté =1 Offert Fiero Spritz & Fiero Tonic


Against Everything is a show that cheers up a (private) party, a business meeting, a conference, a vintage-market, a group-voyage on a cruise ship, hotel-launches, internal club-meetings, aristocrat family dinners, the street, …
What we do is learned, original and highly entertaining. We try to ‘sell’ or donate the performance as an experience of contemporary art. Like you could have a clown animation, but also a contemporary art animation.
We think of us as being the extras to the party, reflecting on togetherness and how (not) to touch people. A twister-striptease, a catwalk of asses. Perfect for a breezy summer-night, preparing for the party.

Key topics are the tyranny of exercise, the folly of food snobbery, the sexualization of childhood (and everything else), the philosophical meaning of pop music, the rise and fall of the hipster, the impact of protest movements, and the crisis of policing. Four of the selections address, directly and unironically, the meaning of life—how to find a philosophical stance to adopt toward one’s self and the world.