SUN 30 APR - 10PM

30/04/2017 – 22H00 | Free entrance

Madame Moustache brussels presents
Vhyce (funk, disco, house) Dikso, Future Disco
Jon Mosto (electronic, techno) Moodmusic, Konzeptions
in collaboration with Nada Booking

City streets left abandoned, desolate factories and traffic lights aimlessly switching from red to green without a single car in sight to see them change. These are just some of the haunting images that characterize what the post- industrial city of La Louviere looks like. This seems a daunting context to live in, yet there is a certain atmosphere that you can’t find in any other city.
Let’s take Vhyce as an example. This Portuguese-Italian breed steadily worked his way up to a noteworthy musical profile. Inspired by the desolation in these suburbs, or by the boredom, he grew into a self-taught producer. Musically, Vhyce is greatly influenced by the lineage of nineties RNB from the emergence of soul music onwards, which ultimately results in his signature house sounds!
In 2010 he had his nationwide breakthrough by releasing his debut EP, ‘Voivodine’, on the respected Australian imprint Sweat it Out. Ever since, he is continuously taking the underground music scene by storm by releasing EP’s on a regular basis. In only a few years he built an impressive discography, with releases on first-rate labels such as No Brainer records, Dikso and Sweat it Out. He’s currently signed to the London’s ‘Needwant’ label. Expect some new releases by the end of the year and early 2017.
So, Vhyce managed to outgrow his grimy neighbourhood and is heading towards a bright future, a true working class hero.
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Jonathan Stordeur aka Jon Mosto is a young and talented Belgian electronic music producer.
His musical love story has begun almost ten years ago when he discovered the clubbing
universe. He’s also known to co-host « Electronic Lodge », famous electronic parties in
In 2012, Jon decided to push his passion to the next level by starting composing his own
tracks. He will drag you in a musical dimension where melancholic techno and groovy house
live in harmony for your ears’ pleasure.
In april 2015, Jon signed with the prestigious label Moodmusic. He released his first track
“Synergy” with the great producer Jonas Saalbach (Moodmusic, Einmusika, Save Us). His
career as a producer is now started.
His last collaborations with DkA, « Angel’s Eyes EP » (Konzeptions) and « Bonsoir EP feat
Elenita » are avalaible on:
Soundcloud >
He’s touring his first live now, with an additional 3D mapping video performance by
Analitycs Studio