U SOUL #33

SAT 28 JUL - 10PM

“U SOUL” with Dism & Guest
22H00 / 5€ < MIDNIGHT < 7€



Realism & Expressionism in Music
A record collector that plays the deep side of disco and funk. Original 70’s and 80’s jams created for the discofloor coming from any genre that created dancemusic in those eras. This may sound restrictive but it is not.
Towards the end of the seventies, discotheque culture was booming worldwide and countless artists created cuts, crafted especially to get people moving on the dancefloor and in the streets. It’s this beautiful history and origin of house and rap that continues to excite collectors and music lovers. Dism is devoted to contribute to the HQ dance music scene in Brussels and time after time, brings classics and obscurities that deserve to be remembered, cherished and kept alive, to the decks.
The seventies were the era of fusion in music. Things came together and made a lasting impression on future music culture, even to this day.
Long Live Music!