FRI 15 SEP - 10PM

22H00 | 5€<midnight<7€
AAguilAA & SIXSIXSIXTIES All night long!

Sixsixsixties (Holger, 22tracks) & Aguila (Vicuna) are back for a new edition of PARADIS.

AAguilAA is a Brussels based DJ playing dirty disco, acid house and raw techno.
Currently playing in bars and basements, from private parties to events in metro stations.
Involved in the programming of the Vicuna parties.

Sixsixsixties has been draining sweat from Brussels and Antwerp’s underbelly with the Holger and Spek parties. Stijn is a musical omnivore: he will serve you top shelf novelties ranging from disco excursions over analogue jams, reissues and anything that tickles their fancy really. Disco (not disco)!

Fast forward and rewind…. a journey into afro & italo, house & disco, not disco

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