THU 28 APR - 8PM

THU 28/04/2016 – 20H00 | 8€
Madame Moustache presents:
20H30 – DIVIDERS (Beast Rds, Casbah Rds)
21H30 – THE ANOMALYS (Slovenly Recordings)
22H30 – Dragon Slayers Dj set
(Lou Lenfer + Kyllian Ó Lariboule)
THE ANOMALYS (NL – punk rock)

The Anomalys from Amsterdam, Holland released their self-titled debut album on Slovenly Recordings in the USA in 2010. With this release they prove to be able to put their reputation as ‘wildest live band in Europe’ to wax.

2012 will see them releasing two new singles. The first one is out in march on Slovenly. It’s called “Retox” and is a moody explosion of rock ‘n roll in extremis. The second one will be a special collector’s ‘flexi-disc’ on MV50 Records, released during the spring / summer.

Their special brand of psychotic, unpredictable and primitive rock ‘n roll has turned many audiences, at shows from Istanbul to Las Vegas, into insane mobs. This rings true to the one and only mission of these three giant, hyperactive monsters: making rock ‘n roll dangerous again!

DIVIDERS (FR – garage punk)

With Turbo, Lo ‘Spider, Jeremy Pirates and Pierre Pacific, Ismael has managed to put together a quartet that finds inspiration in classic Americana songs, twisting them into a warped and deafening antifolk. Traumatized by Lee Hazlewood, Gun Club, Marc Bolan and Violent Femmes, Dividers speed up and purify these folk melodies. Their melancholic songwritting and nonchalant voice intertwine with Fuzz’s howlings and the powerful rhythm section.
Dividers have no frame. Dividers are not supported by any artifice. Dividers never follow any trend or fashion. They naturally disseminate melodies written on winter evenings, and arranged with an energy that would be the envy of many rock’n’roll bands.